Felixwalters Agencies Ghana Ltd stresses attentive communication and timely delivery of information to clients. This level of close personal attention enables our customers to handle their business activities more effectively.
Felixwalters Agencies Ghana Limited has a direct link with major airlines/ shipping companies. We are able to link to client on tracking of cargo on high seas
Felixwalters Ghana Cliental levels:
⦁ Aarhus (GH) Limited
⦁ Wahome Steel
⦁ Olam (GH) Limited
⦁ Gihoc Distilleries of Ghana
⦁ Intertech Ghana Limited
⦁ Intrinsic Resource Ltd
⦁ Motherwell Gh. Ltd
⦁ Kasapa
⦁ Nankani & Hagan Enterprise
⦁ Kasapreko Distilleries
⦁ Air Liquide