Information Service

Felixwalters Agencies Ghana Ltd places a strong emphasis on meticulous communication and the timely dissemination of information to clients, recognizing the significance of such practices for logistics companies in Ghana. This commitment to attentive service ensures our customers can navigate their business activities with enhanced efficiency.

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Felixwalters Agencies Ghana Limitd - Marketing and Communication
Information Services Excellence:

Our Information Service is designed to foster seamless communication. Felixwalters Agencies Ghana Limited maintains a direct link with major airlines and shipping companies, empowering us to provide clients with real-time tracking of cargo on the high seas. This dedication to advanced tracking capabilities reinforces our role as a key partner for logistics companies in Ghana.

Felixwalters Ghana Clientele:

 We take pride in our diverse clientele, serving a range of esteemed companies in Ghana, including:

  • Aarhus (GH) Limited
  • Wahome Steel
  • Olam (GH) Limited
  • Gihoc Distilleries of Ghana
  • Intertech Ghana Limited
  • Intrinsic Resource Ltd
  • Motherwell Gh. Ltd
  • Kasapa
  • Nankani & Hagan Enterprise
  • Kasapreko Distilleries
  • Air Liquide
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At Felixwalters Agencies Ghana Limited, our unwavering commitment to attentive communication, information transparency, and advanced tracking services establishes us as a trusted partner for logistics companies in Ghana, enabling them to navigate the complexities of their business activities with confidence.