Project Management (Logistics)

Felixwalters Agencies (Gh) Ltd. stands as a beacon of professional expertise and experience in project management, specializing in the seamless movement of large, diverse, or unconventional cargo to its final destination—a vital resource for logistics companies in Ghana.


Whether handling heavy, oversized loads, transporting entire plant components, or coordinating the movement of substantial quantities of raw, semi-finished, or finished materials, Felixwalters Agencies (Gh) Ltd. is well-equipped to manage it all.


In the realm of project logistics, our commitment reaches its pinnacle through the certification of client satisfaction. We extend our care to specialized goods and high-value cargos, providing efficient and reliable services that form the cornerstone of our success. Felixwalters’ project logistics division possesses the knowledge and experience to handle specialized project cargo via sea, air, rail, or road.

Project Management Logistics
Project management Logistics


Our comprehensive approach involves managing the entire process from the supplier’s door to the project site, encompassing preparation, planning, negotiation, customs arrangements, and port liaison. Additionally, we extend our services to mining centers by facilitating the efficient transport of mining produce from production centers.

Our meticulous process unfolds through the following steps:

  • Pre-Tender Proposals: Outlining the freight task, making preliminary choices, and determining requirements for smooth progress.
  • Tender Phase: Providing a firm offer for complete movements, customs clearance, and detailed proposals, including infrastructure capacity surveys.
  • Contracted Detailed Discussions: Engaging in thorough discussions with all parties and technical negotiations with carriers.
  • Implementation of Move: Executing the move with electronic tracking of all components, coordinated movements, and the appointment of surveyors.
  • Post-Completion Services: Handling over, resolving issues, and providing a spares inventory for continued support.

Felixwalters Agencies (Gh) Ltd. takes pride in delivering exceptional project logistics solutions, contributing significantly to the success and efficiency of logistics companies in Ghana.